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Amaya Andrews, an actress, adopts a young boy, Alexander, from Ethiopia, but several years later, the boys father shows in Los Angeles. When Amaya comes to Bull, he advises her to try and make a deal with the father to work out some sort of visitation, which she does.

Nine weeks later, Amaya comes back to Bull because Alexander went to visit his father in Ethiopia and they are refusing to return him. Amaya decides to sue Bull because she blames him for the loss of her son.

Bull hires attorney Ronald Getman, whom he’s always looked up to, but Bull has trouble giving up control in the courtroom. 

The defense calls Marissa as a witness and uncovers an email she sent Bull after the meeting with Amaya. She was concerned about the lack of adoption treaty between Ethiopia and the U.S. and she said the birth parents are “notoriously unreliable.”

When Getman presses Bull to find out what Marissa meant, Bull shares that Marissa was in foster care as a child; when she was about to be adopted, her birth mother returned and took custody. Unfortunately her birth mother was a drug addict and Marissa did not have an idyllic childhood. 

When Getman confronts Marissa on the stand, Bull tries to get him to stop and ends up getting himself charged with contempt of court and removed. German wins the case.

Danny heads to Ethiopia to find Alexander and finds papers that the father signed giving up custody of his son, something he claimed he never signed. She calls the Ethiopian police and the father is arrested, while Alexander is returned to the states. 

Later, Bull meets with Amaya and reminds her that as much as she has missed her son these many weeks, that’s as much as Alex’s father has missed him for five years. She drops the charges, brings the man to the U.S. and starts a foundation to make sure that there is complete transparency in foreign adoptions. 



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Bull Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I had a family and then I took your advice and now I don't have a family. I am going to sue you, Dr. Bull. I am going to take every single thing that you have. I am going to make you feel what it's like to lose everything, everything that matters to you.


I just think it's an enormous mistake to take this very private, very sensitive matter and put it out there for public consumption, and if you go to family court that's what's going to happen.