Watch Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 7 online and see what happens when Tina infiltrates her girl scout troop in order to find whoever has been giving away their cookie secrets.

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Watch Bob's Burgers right here and right now on TV Fanatic. The episode begins with Tina quitting her Thundergirls troop, thinking that her old school methods are no longer appreciated. However, when Jenny, the leader of Troop 119, tells Tina that someone in their troop has been giving cookie secrets to their rival troop, Troop 257, Tina decides to rejoin the troop and find the mole. Louise and Gene end up joining the quest as well after Tina accidentally spills her plans to them. Louise, much to her sister's dismay, decides to join Troop 119 and causes the other girls to turn on each other, hoping that will make it easier to find the mole. Tina, having had enough, banishes her sister from the troop, leading Louise to join Troop 257 in order to find the mole. Ultimately, the combination of Tina's old school knowledge of the older edition of the Thundergirls handbook and Louise's infiltration of Troop 257 leads them to find out that the mole was Rena, a member of Troop 257 who was tasked to infiltrate Troop 119 in order to give them the upper hand in their cookie sales. After earning a badge for her old school wisdom, Tina rejoins the Thundergirls.

Episode Details

On Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 7, Tina goes undercover to find out who in her Thundergirls troop has been giving cookie secrets to their rivals.

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Bob's Burgers
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Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Jenny: I'm here because Troop 119 has a mole!
Tina: I thought Katie just had a beauty mark.

It's middle aged mom Barbie!