Watch Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 5 online and see what happens when Bob enters a burger competition, only to find that he's missing his secret ingredient.

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Watch Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 5 right here and right now via TV Fanatic. Bob and Linda decide to enter their Black Garlic Burger in the Wharf It Down Festival's First Annual Best Burger Contest. The contest is already off to a more stressful start with the stiff competition as well as the mean spirited commentary from Chuck Charles, the news anchor Bob and Linda got fired during Bob's Burgers Season 2 Episode 9. To make matters worse, the easily distracted Gene forgot to grab the black garlic. With only fourteen minutes left in the competition, the kids race across town from their house to the health foods store where they were banned, where they steal the garlic after Gene lost the money needed to buy it. While fighting the clock and the angry store clerk hot on their tail, Tina and Louise confront Gene on how easily distracted he can be and how it lead them into their present situation. Hurt, but determined, Gene sees his chance for redemtion and, despite his siblings' objections, takes the black garlic and races through the fair, fighting distraction at every turn and gets the black garlic to Bob in time. Sadly, Bob and Linda lose. However, all is not lost, considering they wowed the judges and return home to find a long line of customers, eager to try their burgers.

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On Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 5, Bob and Linda enter a burger contest, only to realize that they're missing their most important ingredient.

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There you are my stinky princess!


I don't know what kind of "doing it" you're talking about, but you're too loud!