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It's Christmas Eve and the Belchers are heading to a Christmas party over at Big Bob's Diner, owned by Bob's father, Big Bob. Bob is particularly hesitant to go, but is forced by Linda. Bob, who used to work at the diner as a teenager, resents his dad for his overly controlling nature, which is what lead him to refuse Big Bob's offer to be his partner at the restaurant, furthering the divide between them. Once they get there, Linda pushes them together in the kitchen, adamant that "Christmas magic" will fix the issues between them. As expected, old arguments resurface and reach a boiling point when the two men fight to make different meals for one of the diner's regulars. The regular ends up eating Bob's burger, sending the saddened Big Bob next door to the bar next door to drown his sorrows. Bob heads over to the bar and boot scoots his way to the dance floor to meet his father and apologizes for how he handled the situation at the diner and for how he handled the way he left the diner all those years ago. Big Bob also apologizes for how he's treated Bob over the years. Reconciled, father and son head back to the diner.

Bob's Burgers
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Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Dear Lord Santa, this year, please bless me with a calendar of Australian firefighters holding puppies in casual settings.


So that's what a prostate exam is.

Big Bob