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Danny and Baez are called in to a dead body in a dumpster. Woman named Kayla Martin. Cop tells them that she recently transitioned from male to female.

Anthony and Erin discuss a vigilante who beat up a looter. Anthony thinks the looter had it coming but Erin says you can't just beat people up and this guy was not a cop anyway.

Eddie and Witten confront some obnoxious guy who makes anti-cop, anti-women remarks. He gets violent and they arrest him but they have to be gentle because people are watching.

Garrett talks to Sid about some complaints from years ago. Sid is angry but agrees they need to tell Frank ASAP. Frank says he already vetted Sid, but in any case, he has his back.

Danny and Baez talk to a woman and inform her of Kayla's death. The woman is her last contact and says it's her fault. She took her to a trans night at a bar last night. She wanted her to have fun during her transition. She met a guy. Doesn't know his name or anything. She feels bad for encouraging her.  She tells them the name of the bar.

The guy who tried to hit Eddie has been released ROR. Eddie and Jamie agree they will pick this guy up the second he screws up again.

Erin and Anthony talk to Mr. Brooks, who claims he feared for his life and was trying to keep innocent people safe. Erin tells him the law still applies. He says the guy paid a price for attacking him.

Eddie and Witten go to confront Tommy. Witten dares him to hit her. Jamie comes along so Witten has to leave the guy alone. Tommy leaves and Jamie tells Witten we don't do revenge.

Danny and Baez go to interview the bar manager, who feels a need to flirt with Danny. Also he has no cameras or credit receipts. He also isn't inclined to help because he knows these kinds of cases neer get solved.

Outside Baez tells Danny she doesn't get the transgender thing. Danny says all she has to get is the murderer.

Frank goes to see the mayor who wants Gormley fired for things he did 25 years ago. Frank defends Gormley. He says you need to look at the context. The Mayor says all he needs to know is what the public thinks. Frank says he is not doing his job. These were already investigated. The Mayor says he should have shredded the evidence then. The Mayor wants Frank to let Gormley go or Frank will become dead weight. Frank says he's clear -- is the Mayor.

Ashley comes to see if there any updates. She tells them to try harder and doesn't think Baez cares that a trans woman was murdered.

Meanwhile, the head of the vigilante group who insists they are peaceful. He says he has friends in high places.

Ashley accuses Baez of wanting her to disappear. Danny comes in. He has the name of another trans woman who was killed. Ashley says that the woman hadn't changed her name legally and gives them her deadname.

The governor has come to see Crawford. He knows Urban Defenders. Erin says this is about an individual who committed a violent felony. Governor says this guy is a hero. Crawford seems to be on the goveronor's side and says she will make a decision later.

Erin goes to see Anthony and complain about this. She thinks Anthony also agrees with the governor. Anthony says he's looked into Brooks and Brooks was doing MMA and ignored a guy tapping out and put him in a chokehold anyway.

Danny goes to see a transphobic cop who says that "trannies" never have families and their deaths can't be investigated. He's insulted that they want to see the files but gives them to them.

Sid tells Frank that his phone is ringing off the hook and it's bothering Sheila. Anyway, he knows this causes a problem for Frank. Frank says the problem is not Sid.  Sid thinks he should quit.

Witten and Eddie are talking. Wittne walks away and Tommy punches Eddie and says that Witten is next.

Danny tells Ashley that there is a similar MO. He says that they are putting an undercover cop in the next trans night. Ashley insists that an undercover will be spotted as non-trans right away. She wants to be the one to go undercover and will go there with or without Danny's help. He agrees to let her but she says don't tell anyone she's working with a cop.

Danny goes to talk to Jamie who feels he put Eddie in harm's way. Maybe he should have taken care of this guy himself.

Eddie is late to dinner. Everyone stares at her injury. Danny wants to know why the guy was out on bail. Erin says she doesn't write the bail laws. Everyone is upset. Eddie doesn't want to talk about this. The conversation changes to how to help her with the swelling. Eddie asks to say Grace.

Gormley and Garrett come to see the Mayor. He says he's gonna quit but that'll cause a crisis. Mayor better use this crisis to inspire the cops to keep going.

Baker brings Frank a bunch of files. He is looking for balance and fairness. He wants to call a press conference with the mayor and Gormley.

Erin interrupts the Governor's lunch. She tells him Devon Brooks should be charged with assault. The governor talks about the fish instead. He says okay maybe Brooks went too far but the kid will make a full recovery. Anyway, Erin says he should have come to her. He's glad he hired Crawford because Erin disrespected Chris Ward by charging Devon. Erin tells him she has prosecuted dozens of rageaholics and the next victim will end up in the morgue and whoever let him go will be blamed, especially if it's the governor. She suggests he call Crawford.

Tommy and his gang see Jamie and Eddie show up. Eddie doesn't want Jamie to do this. Jamie says he's gonna beat up Tommy. Then he goes up to Tommy and makes it sound like Tommy is a snitch. Jamie leaves and the other guys start beating him up.

Baez tells Ashley what she's doing is brave. Ashley sees the bad guy, She pretends to flirt with him. He comes over to her. They decide to go out back. He attacks her and the cops lose video and audio. He calls her a freak and starts strangling her. Danny and Baez come and save the day. Baez hugs Ashley.

Crawford tells Erin that the governor wants to charge Brooks with a felony and let him plead to a misdemeanor. She's angry that Erin went behind her back. Crawford says that Erin also needs a good relationship with the governor and she heard people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stoned.

At the press conference Frank reads a complaint from 1982 that was filed against him. He says that cops all get complaints and not all are accurate. He says if releasing complaints means we are judged without context, then Gormley will go and so will he. The Mayor walks away.



Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 11 Quotes

Frank: We had you under some pretty hot lights before I brought you up here. So I can't imagine we missed anything.
Garrett: But the lights are different now.
Frank: One thing's the same: I got your back.

A t-shirt and a funny hat don't make you a cop, and it certainly doesn't give you the right to beat someone to an inch of his life.