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Jennifer revealed to her family that she was ready to have sex with Khalil, but they did not want to entertain the thought. 

Khalil admitted to Jennifer that he had not had sex before and that she would be his first. 

They arranged a date for it, but things took a crazy turn when Khalil was shot at a march. 

He was told he may never walk again. 

Black Lightning was present at the march that was set up by Reverend Holt in retaliation for Lawanda's murder. 

Tobias was sent by Eve and the Reverend and Khalil were shot. 

Meanwhile, Anissa went to extreme measures to find out the truth about her powers, but she found herself growing closer to a librarian named Grace. 

They went out to a bar, but Chenoa showed up and caused a scene. 

Anissa and her broke up, and it allowed her to get closer to Grace. 

Anissa went to a scrap yard to try and get her powers up to scratch. 

In the closing moments, Gambi deleted the footage of Tobias shooting the teen and the Reverend. 

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Anissa: Today I felt invincible, and now?
Grace: Back to reality? We're all just playing at being superheroes.
Anissa: It'd be nice though, superpowers.

Grace: How'd it go?
Anissa: She took her key back.
Grace: I'm sorry.
Anissa: No, she was right, we were done.