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Jenny Hoyt confronts Cassie Dewell over Cassie’s relationship with her estranged husband, Cody.

Elsewhere, truck driver Ronald gets a talking to from his mother about him not making something of his life. While at a truck stop, he is approached by Michelle, a prostitute, whom he tasers and puts into the back of his truck.

Danielle and Grace are headed to Montana to spend time with Jenny and Cody’s son, Justin. After pulling over, they are almost hit by Ronald’s truck, and they follow him to pass him and yell. Soon after that, their car breaks down, and Ronald comes upon them. He breaks into the vehicle, subdues them by taser, and puts them in the truck.

Jenny and Cassie physically fight about the Cody situation, and later, Jenny and Cody talk and sleep together.

Justin calls Cody and tells him Danielle and Grace didn’t show up, and he starts to drive toward the last place they were seen. Denise, the secretary at Cody and Cassie’s investigative firm, gets him into contact with Trooper Rick Legarski, who is local to the area Cody is headed to. He tells Cody that this isn’t the first case of missing girls in the area.

After breaking free and discovering Michelle is alive, the three girls briefly overpower Ronald before he gets the upper hand and knocks them all unconscious. They later awake handcuffed in some kind of warehouse.

Rick leads Cody to a church that may be involved in sex trafficking, and he meets with Rick to head to the church. After getting information from Jenny about some truckers being tied to the slave trade, Cody asks Rick about it, and then Rick shoots him at point-blank range.

Rick then calls Ronald and tells him he’s getting sloppy.

Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Broken roads are like broken people sometimes. They just want to be loved. Easy peasy.

Trooper Rick

Jenny: Is that the lyric of the day? It's all over now.
Cassie: What's going on?
Jenny: You tell me, Cass. Are you sleeping with my husband?