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Layla's skipping school again, and Spencer skips with her. Olivia suggests that Jordan come with her to their father's 25-year reunion so he can get out of the house. Asher gets a call from her absentee mother Gwen inviting him to lunch. Spencer asks Layla about the cuts on her arm and she gets defensive and storms off. Spencer talks to Coop about Layla. Bllly and Corey meet up at the reunion, then Grace arrives. Olivia and Spencer compare notes about Layla and they decide she's not right. Coop and Layla try writing songs together. Corey is acting odd after a text. Olivia joins Asher for lunch with Gwen. She tells him her boyfriend Jacob proposed and she's getting married. She wants Asher to serve the divorce papers on his father. Jordan skips out on the reunion to see a girl in Olivia's car and tells Billy what he's doing. Layla gets into a verbal altercation with the rapper who won the freestyle battle. Grace recruits Micah to be her date at the reunion. Jordan has an accident when the girl starts checking out his texts. Asher gives his dad the papers. Billy is honored at the reunion and the school's field is renamed for him. Laura is angry at Jordan. Laura cancels the twins' birthday party. Jordan tells Laura that Billy knew what he was doing. Olivia gets the key and she and Spencer break into Layla's hotel room, which is trashed. He calls her father. Layla catches them in her room. Layla breaks up with him. Billy and Corey work through their issues. Corey cuts in on Micah to dance with Grace. Corey's going away and he leaves letters for Spencer and Dillon with Billy. Harold gives Gwen her divorce but won't let her see Asher 

All American
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All American Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm sorry, Jordan. I didn't realize how hard it is to be you right now.

Laura [to Jordan]

You can't be the single girl at the reunion looking thirsty.

Coop [to Grace]