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Tyrone confronts Coop but Preach pulls a gun on him as she walks away. Preach didn't testify against Tyrone. But he made a deal with Tyrone: Preach will kill him if he kills Coop. While his former team practices, Spencer is waiting tables and dogwalking to make money for college now that he's not going to get a football scholarship. Jordan and Olivia blow off Billy, who wants to spend time with them. Dillon is upset with Spencer for not paying attention to him. Spencer agrees to help Coop to sell 40 tickets so she can perform at Bella Noche. Billy reminisces about skating at Bella Noche. Preach warns Coop about trusting the Bella Noche's promoter but she's still mad at him for not testifying against Tyrone, which led to his release. Coop sells enough tickets to gain her spot. Spencer explodes at Dillon about his attitude. The owner of the new fro-yo store kicks them out. Then two policemen called by the owner shows up to hassle them. Billy arrives and tells off the cops, threatening to sue. Grace insists that Spencer goes to Coop's show at Bella Noche but the promoter pretends not to know Coop. Billy embarasses Jordan into skating with him. After her friend relapses, Laya decides to check herself out of rehab, to see if she can make it in the real world. Kia tells Spencer to find the time to be with Dillon because memories are important. She and Spencer reconnect. Coop apologizes to Preach but he tells her to clean up her own mess. Spencer ditches work to volunteer at Dillon's Big Brother camp. Olivia is creating a social-justice podcast to expose people such as Crenshaw Cathy. Spencer and Olivia pick up Layla. Preach beats up the promoter and takes Coop's money. 

All American
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All American Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

You two do know I can hear you, right?

Billy [to Jordan and Olivia]

Grace James is making an appearance in these Beverly Hills streets?

Spencer [to Grace]