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A state championship rematch, an exhibition game, is being held between Beverly and South Crenshaw. Cliff and Billy argue about the rematch. Simone asks Jordan to take her to her ultrasound at the same time as the rematch. JP has moved him and Layla into a new place which he wants to make a home. Olivia tells Jordan that she and Asher kissed. He encourages her to try again with Asher. Billy checks with Spencer to see where his head is at. Spencer tells Coop to call Layla about her music. Darnell is still asking Spencer about why Corey left. Asher blows up at Gwen for distracting him. Layla gives Coop some of her mother's lyrics. Olivia calls her sponsor because she wants to drink. Olivia intercepts Simone before she can confront Jordan in front of cameras. Olivia tells Jordan to treat Simone with respect. Darnell makes a bet with Spencer. If Beverly wins, he'll walk away. If Crenshaw wins, Spencer has to help him find out what happened with Corey. A distracted Jordan calls Simone right before the game. Olivia tries to buck up Laura. Cliff paid off the referees to allow extra contact, and Billy calls him on it. The two teams get chippy. Spencer talks Billy into letting him play more. Spencer takes a knee after an intersection and Darnell follows his lead. Spencer agrees to help Darnell find answers about Corey. JP invited over Coop but he was more interested in Patience. Olivia tells Asher she needs him as her best friend more than she needs a boyfriend. Laura drives Jordan to Simone's appointment. Corey had cancer in college and Darnell says he had a procedure last year. They're afraid Corey's dying. Layla is listening to her mother's tapes. Billy begs Laura for another chance. 

All American
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All American Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I definitely felt that chill.

Olivia [to JJ]

Billy: If we lose, we tarnish our title.
Cliff: Then don't lose.