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Yazan's brother talks to him about the latest that is going on. He asks his brother to talk to their father for him. Yazan's father tells his brother that Brittany is still posting inappropriate pictures and people are talking about her and what she could do to their family. He says that Yazan is forbidden from marrying her and if he does, he'll kill him. Yazan's brother relays this message to Yazan, but he still wants Brittany.

Meanwhile, Brittany talks to friends and her father about Yazan. She lies about some things that are happening. She and her friend are going to Jordan but Yazan sends her a message of a broken up car. He talks to her about what's happening to him but she doesn't seem to care. They argue and she says she doesn't know if she wants to get on the plane, but she does.

Ari takes the baby home refusing to do the circumcision. She says it's her baby. But later she goes back. She spazzes out when it happens and cries because she doesn't want the baby in pain. She regrets her choice and she and Bini are at odds again. He seems frustrated with her. The circumcision is done.

Kenny and Armando go to get their marriage license but are denied. It finally hits Kenny that they're going to face homophobia. The woman helps them with the appeal process.

Sumit officially gets his divorce but he owes his father money and still has to pay off the rest. He wants his father's blessing to marry Jenny but his father still doesn't approve.

Deavan meets some of Jihoon's friends and asks them if Jihoon has cheated and why he has naked women on his phone. Deavan than asks Jihoon about porn on his phone since she considers it cheating and if he ever cheated on her.

Tim's mother is coming to visit and she and Melyza don't get along. Melyza doesn't want Tim to tell his mother about her relationship with someone else.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
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