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A man in a high-tech smart house has his devices played with by an ex-girlfriend with access to his system. After falling in the shower, he is knocked unconscious, and the girlfriend calls 911. The 118 are able to rescue the man, and Athena arrests the girlfriend.

Hen clashes with her lab partner, Sydney, as they are dissecting a cadaver. Later, Sydney confronts Hen at home and tells her that she doesn’t want Hen to ruin her medical school reputation when she inevitably quits.

Buck comes clean to Maddie and Chimney about seeing a therapist.

Maddie confides in Chimney that she’s worried she will be a bad parent like hers were.

Athena chases a bank robber who gets around town in rideshares.

A yoga instructor starts to go blind and calls 911. The 118 deduce her eyes have been invaded by a parasite that she encountered during goat yoga.

Chimney and Maddie find out that they are having a girl and then tells him that she hasn’t been honest with him.

Buck, Eddie, and Hen travel to Texas to aid the Lone Star team, who are battling aggressive wildfires.

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9-1-1 Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Athena: I can not believe she made it this far.
Bobby: So you thought that she'd give it a try and then find out that it's not for her?
Athena: Which it isn't. Because she is not doing this for herself, she's doing it because of me. To protect me. Which yes, I find sweet but also infuriating. Because how can I yell at her about wasting her future when she says something like that?

Justine: That 911 lady sent you.
Athena: She wanted us to have a talk about your future.