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Carlos gets territorial when a bartender flirts with T.K.

Marjan knows the guy waiting for her. She introduces him to Paul, Mateo, and the other guys as her Fiance. 

A best man gives his speech at a wedding reception and pukes on the bride. Then everyone starts puking and they knock down the whole tent in pandemonium. 

Mateo expresses how weird it is to him that Marjan got engaged at 12 and she explains how their families know each other, they have similar values, and how the majority of marriages around the world are arranged. 

It was improperly stored seafood that got everyone sick. The best man comes to get them to remove a beam off the groom. It's about 900 lbs bearing down on him.

The bride is still sick but didn't have the fish or chicken. Mateo says she might be pregnant but the groom claims he was saving himself for their wedding night. They find out that she had been sleeping with the best man..

Marjan discusses why arranged marriages have more success and tells Paul and Mateo about her future plans with Saleem. Mateo gets sad when he realizes that eventually Marjan would move back to Miami when Saleem finishes dental school and such.

Gwyn is at rhe firehouse when they return and wants some clarity on what their relationship is. 

Saleem texts Marjan to ask her to dinner. It's their first date unchaperoned at a fancy restaurant. Marjan thinks he may want to get married sooner than she hoped. Mateo doesn't take the news well. Paul is resigned.

Carlos and TK bump into Carlos' parents at the farmer's market. His father is a Texas ranger. Carlos hasn't told them about TK.  

   Saleem wants to know if Marjan is in love with him because he's tired of being the one always pining. He says that he met someone else. And doesn't want to be someone who was basically pushed into a marriage. 

   TK is upset.  He and Carlos talk. Carlos is out to his parents but doesn't like to rub their faces in his sexuality. TK doesn't get that and it hurts him. He talks it over with his parents. 

Marjan tells Paul and Mateo that Saleem dumped her. She's hurt and angry. After talking to them she realizes that she was in  love with Saleem. Paul encourages her to talk to him and tell him the truth.

A sub calls on behalf of his dominatrix who got stung by a bee and needs her epi pen. He's tied up. Grace talks him through dislocating his shoulder to get out of bounds and use the epi. Grace goes full Dom to the surprise of her colleagues and humiliates him until he does it.

Judd tells Owen to get it together regarding Gwyn and let her know how he feels and his intentions. 

Owen proposes and Gwyn tells him that she's pregnant. 

TK and Carlos talk through what happened and TK tells him that he will do things at Carlos' pace. 


9-1-1: Lone Star
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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Bartender: I've seen you here before, right? 
T.K.: Yeah, were you here the night Crusher got impaled? I was one of the firefighters who responded.
Bartender: Firefighter, huh? Sign me up for the calendar.
Carlos: And his boyfriend is a cop. 

Owen: Someone should come up with a term for people who are better not together.
Gwyn: There is a term for that. Friends with Benefits.