Mark: Benner does this PR thing. Civilians running around, taking all the parking spaces. Throwing bouquets, flowers, everywhere.
Ria: They have bridal bouquets?
Mark: You should see what they try sneak through security.

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All Rise Season 1 Episode 5: "Devotees in the Courthouse of Love"
All Rise
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All Rise Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Lola: What are the court costs, anyway?
Sherri: Your honor.
Lola: Court costs on this case.
Sherri: They change all the time. The clerk's office.
Lola: I'll wander over there, stretch my legs a little.
Sherri: Your honor, there's a bench trial in--
Lola: Thirty minutes.
Sherri: I can call down to the clerk's office and have them send over.
Lola: Feeling a little hemmed in. I want to get my steps in and take in the wedding day sights.
Sara: A judge out there on your wedding day is like a butterfly on your hand.
Sherri: Judges are strongly discouraged from using public areas of the courthouse.
Lola: Not a law. Not even a rule.
Sherri: Accepted wisdom.
Lola: Deputy Watkins, does it seem right to you that judges are imprisoned in their chambers, cut off from the general public, and the carrot cake muffins in the cafeteria?
Luke: I can run and get that muffin for you, if you would like.
Lola: You're more afraid of her than me? Fine, maybe I'll go later.

Well, just call me if you ever want to take me on a date. I'll even pay.