Marie Kessler: What you think you have to do is not what must be done. Trubel is right.
Kelly Burkhardt: He can’t take from you, it has to be given *to* him.
Marie Kessler: That is why he has taken everyone you loved, Nick. So that you would give him what he wants.
Kelly Burkhardt: If you do this, you would sacrifice the world to endless pain and suffering.
Marie Kessler: The world you saw in the other place.
Nick: I want my friends back… I want Adalind… and Diana… I want my *son*! I want them all back!
Kelly Burkhardt: You *can* defeat him.
Nick: I tried! I can’t!
Kelly & Marie [simultaneously]: You can!
Kelly Burkhardt: With the strength of one’s blood!

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Nick Burkhardt
Grimm Season 6 Episode 13: "The End"
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Grimm Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Rosalee [on potion ingredients]: There’s the blood of three opposing forces, a Grimm, a Wesen, and a Hexenbiest.
Monroe: Well, yeah, that *would* be next to impossible, considering a Grimm will kill any Wesen who asks for its blood, and a Hexenbiest’ll… pretty much kill anything for any reason.

Everything has a beginning and an end.