Meredith: Why are you being a jerk?
Nathan: What?
Meredith: Alex said you were being a jerk.
Nathan: Ah, of course. He tattled.
Meredith: Let me make something very clear to you, if you want to get anywhere with me, messing with Alex is not the way. Do not contradict him in front of patients, and please don't speak to him like he's an idiot.
Nathan: Back it up--get anywhere with you? So you admit it?
Meredith: Admit what?
Nathan: That there's somewhere to get, with you?
Meredith: Don't change the subject.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 15: "Civil War"
Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 15 Quotes

April: So, um, when I was chief-
Meredith: Interim chief.

When you fight a war at home, the casualties are your neighbors. Your friends. Your family. Leaving you alone.