Dean: Yeah, it is. Because the last I heard, you were in heaven's lockup.
Bobby: Was. Now I'm not. That kid of yours before he went wherever made some changes here. Busted my ass out and then he, well, he set some things right. Tore down all the walls up here. Heaven just ain't relivin' your golden oldies anymore. It's what it always should have been -- everyone happy, everyone together. Rufus lives about five miles that way with Aretha. I thought she'd have better taste. And your mom and dad? They got a place over yonder. It ain't just heaven, Dean, it's the heaven you deserve, and we been waitin' for ya.
Dean: So, Jack did all that.
Bobby: Well, Cass helped. It' s a big new world out there. You'll see.

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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 20: "Carry On"
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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 20 Quotes

Sam: Is the place?
Dean: Dark, creepy, something out of Wes Craven's erotic fantasy? Yeah, it's 100% the place.

Dean: You know what this is? Mimes. Evil mimes.
Sam: Yeah, or vampires.
Dean: Vampmimes! Son of a bitch.