Sara: You know over a thousand banks have failed in the last ten years, about a dozen were created? We have answered too big to fail by making bigger banks.
Harper: Nothing's changed.
Sara: Nothing. But it can. Some people are trying to change it. Daria's one of them, but the only agency we have in a stagnant system is the single choices that we make and the cumulative effect of making the correct ones more often than not. I'm not just offering you a job. Forget my targets. This is more important than that. I am giving you an opportunity to change the culture. I will believe anything you tell me now, okay? It's up to you. But remember, the choice is between the invisible man and the visible woman. Between people like Eric or people like Daria.

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Industry Season 1 Episode 8: "Reduction in Force"
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Industry Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Buy the dip. Short the VIX. Fuck Bitcoin.


Yasmin: You obviously don't want me to say anything.
Hilary: You always have a choice. But are you a team player, Yasmin? Because I like to hire team players.