Marshall: We need to find more cuts, Dr. Voss.
Boardmember: And we don't mean pennies. We need millions.
Marshall: This isn't coming from the board. We're getting pressure from the state and the have given s and by us, I mean you, two wees to come up with bg solutions.

I understand your last resident was superhuman. I'm sorry I am a poor replacement. I will work as hard as I can, but there is no doubt I'm mortal. You will witness mistakes. Verbal abuse never helps. I do better with constructive criticism.


Devon: Rose, you have to fight.
Rose: I don't have any fight left.

Dr. Wiely is nowhere near the surgeon you are. I want to learn from the best. You know caution is not a good look on you.


I believe in you, Rose. You're the strongest, bravest person I know. You just got to dig deep for the last fight and just dig. I promise this, Rose. If nothing works, I won't' let you suffer. I promise. Let's start the dialysis now.


Cain: OK. Listen. If you remove that rod, he can die of exsanguination. If you don't, he can die of herniation.
Leela: I want to do whatever gives him the best chance at survival.
Devon: Tell us what to do, Dr. Cain, and speak fast in case we lose you.

Conrad: Hardest part of our job.
Nic: It never gets easier.
Conrad: No one does it better than you.

Jessica: Dr. Austin, are you OK?
AJ: What about me suggests that I'm not OK, Jessica? Am I not elbow-deep in a child's abdominal cavity doing the work of gods? Am I sad? Yes. Do I feel as empty as this poor child? Yes. Do I need people constantly reminding me that I've been mortally wounded by the loss of love? No! My bad. I'm fine.

I know as a surgeon, we're supposed to play it cool, but this is insane.


Wes: You are now, officially, the most needy patient I've ever had.
Piper: The last thing I wanted to do was die needy.
Wes: Not gonna happen, Pipe.

She saw the world as it is. I saw like I wished it was. We were two halves of a piece that were better than either of us alone.


You want to take out off of her abdominal organs, extract the tumors, and then put the organs back in her body?


The Resident Quotes

Devon: A hospital wedding with a happy ending.
Conrad: As long as Bell doesn't kill her on the ER table.

Irving: What happened to him?
Mina: I did.