Kreizler: I've realized I'm not some omniscient god.
Karen: That's quite the breakthrough, Laszlo, to know one is not divine.

Where there is no struggle, there is no progress. Sometimes, Laszlo, you just have to decide what it is you want then fight for it.

Cyrus [to Kreizler]

John: It feels so fleeting, this life. A gust of wind and the flame's extinguished.
Sara: Man makes plans and God laughs.

Lucius: I couldn't pull the trigger. I'm useless.
Sara: Don't say that. He loved you and you loved him.

Duster: What's the plan?
Knox: We're going to make these sorry sons of bitches wish I'd never been born.

Sara: Hello, Libby.
Libby: You're not frightened of me?
Sara: [Shakes her head no.}
Libby: You should be.

Byrnes: I can't break her.
Kreizler: You can't break someone who's already broken, Mr. Byrnes.

Sara: Mr. Byrnes, I must protest. I do not approve of merciless methods of torture no matter what someone has done.
Byrnes: It's easy to cast aspersions from where you stand, Miss Howard. You have that luxury. I, on the other hand, don't, no matter how difficult the task.

Sara: John, I thought I'd lost you. What are we going to do?
John: We'll find a way.

I wouldn't have thought a newspaperman's occupation would be this hazardous.

John [to Sara]

Byrnes: A man walks a beat for half his life. For what? For this.
Marcus: He died in uniform serving the city.
Byrnes: Serving the propertied patroons with greenbacks in their pockets. It's what we do, Marcus. Do you think there'd be an army of men out there hunting for your baby? Or his?

What have you done with her?

Libby [to Sara]

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Quotes

Martha: What are they calling me? Are they calling me a monster, Dr. Kreizler?
Kreizler: You are not a monster, Martha. It is the world that is monstrous.

Deputy Warden: In my book, butchering your own child is a crime against God and man.
Kreizler: Despite your polished shoes and shiny buttons, Deputy Warden, I do not believe your uniform gives you the right to pass sentence.