How can you help me if you can't help yourself?

Ray [to Jason]

You save yourself. If Ray and Naima can't make it work, who can?

Clay [to Stella]

I drafted you for that arrogance.

Jason [to Clay]

My kid's life is going to be a hell of a lot cleaner without me draggin' my muddy boots through it.

Sonny [to Jason]

It's not a victory if everyone doesn't make it home alive.

Jason [to Soto]

Contrary to what you thought, the women on this ship are brave.

Mina [to Davis]

[Full Metal] gave his life for ours.


I'm going to kit up. You need all the guns you can get.

Soto [to Jason]

Clay: I can only give you one [unit of morphine].
Metal: I have more than that in my sippy cup.

Clay: You've done everything you can. The rest is on Ray.
Jason: That's what I'm afraid of.

Mina: You want to talk about it?
Davis: Talk about what?
Mina: The target you put on my back trying to help me.

I prefer when I came to you for answers rather than excuses.

Jason [to Ray]

SEAL Team Quotes

You didn’t disappoint me. You just stopped surprising me.


I keep my distance because I need to, not because I want to.