Michael: It's a sad story me and Alex. I have to walk away so we can start a new one someday. It's not our time.
Isobel: But it will be.
Michael: I think so.

Kyle: After everything, you still believe in redemption?
Alex: Well, I have a pretty good example of it right in front of me.

I feel like if you only know half of yourself, you're only half-living.


Seeing you like that...all sick and pale and quiet. I started praying.


I should have defended you from him a long time ago.


If this giant remote goes kaboom, aliens will be framed as terrorists.


He'll blame the violence on the aliens. He only gets his parade if he makes people afraid. And then he destroys the thing they fear. He makes people think you're terrorists before he kills you.


Michael: You can say it, Liz. It's okay, it's fair. Rosa got blamed. White people didn't. I get it.
Liz: I know you're on my side, but you don't get this. And that's not your fault, that's just the reality of our experiences. If I mess up, if I so much as roll through a stop sign, it reflects badly on any Mexican that came before me. And it hurts any Mexican who comes after me.

Michael: They're safe. Your mom doesn't want to hurt them.
Rosa: So, I don't get it. Did she want to kill aliens?
Michael: No, she's avenging her murdered lover.
Isobel: Oh my God, I love a good telenovela.

Alex, tonight at CrashCon your dad plans to release a toxin that kills anyone with alien DNA.


If you were gonna get revenge on aliens, CrashCon is the perfect place.


Michael: Who's DNA is that poison you're making gonna target?
Charlie: Judging from conversations I've heard between Helena and Flint, it's alien DNA. Like, literal aliens.