In a race between danger and indecision, the difference between life and death comes down to confidence. Faith in our abilities, certainty in ourselves and the trust we put in others.


Why does this keep happening to me?


[to Daniel] My boy, at this moment there are things in play that dwarf your penchant for gullibility.


[on Ems] We co-habitate. She asked me to move out... She's my ... it's extremely complicated.


The IRS is all up in Nolcorp's grill. Luckily, Padma is the audit whisperer.


Daniel: [to Victoria] You're going public?
Conrad: She's going nuclear.

I'm not doing late night feedings by the beer taps.


Aiden: Are you going to take the head or the feet?
Emily: [knocks him out with wine bottle] The head.

[to Victoria] I. Don't. Trust. You.


[to Emily] I'm going to need you to stay away from my family. Permanently.


Daniel and I don't need talking points. We weren't involved.


One big happy family.


Revenge Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

WHM: After the ding of the seat belt sign, the next thing you hear will be 14 ounces of plastic explosives detonating. My proposition: Conrad's demise is mutually beneficial. All it requires is splitting Charlotte's inheritance. Decline and your daughter will be joining you in the Grayson family plot.
Victoria: I'm listening.

Victoria: News hounds won't stop until they get my story.
Daniel: What exactly is your story?