How is that guy and the guy who hired me a stripper the same person?

Ginger: Hey, Coop.
Cooper: Hey... Ginger. I didn't recognize you in... I didn't recognize you.

Addison: You bought a bike?
Violet: Yeah, it's custom built, it's from Italy, and Allan is never getting his hands on it, ever. I don't care if it costs $6,000.
Addison: You bought Allan a $6,000 bike?
Violet: I... I ordered it last year. It just arrived today... on his birthday.
Addison: Brutal.

Sam: Addison is mad at me because Cooper hired a stripper.
Violet: I'm ignoring the stripper. Today is a day for ignoring things. I am all business today.

Naomi: Look at him, sitting up there with that dumb little dog.
Addison: Well, if you want,we could... I mean, you want to go and say hi, or... or you could just look a little longer.
Naomi: Yeah, the last one.
Addison: Okay.

Cooper: You're just... you're, uh, you're just honest. That's your fatal flaw. It's my favorite thing about you.
Violet: All right.
Cooper: Come here.
Violet: You want to help me run the bike over with my car?
Cooper: Absolutely.

Violet: Do you have a hacksaw?
Cooper: Is this helping?
Violet: Yeah. Yeah, actually. It's very therapeutic. Oh, damn it. I am so full of crap. I went over to allan's with the bike. But he'd already gotten one... from Cami.

Sam: The next girl I date will be amazing. She will be beautiful, she will be intelligent, and she will be rash free.
Naomi: She'll be better than me?
Sam: She will be way better than you. Okay?
Naomi: Okay.

Sam: You have something.
Ginger: Thanks. You're sweet too.
Sam: No, you got something right here.
Ginger: Huh?

Sam: Hey man, what were you thinking?
Pete: It's a long, sad story.
Cooper: Did you do the thing were she...
[Addison and Noami enter]
Cooper: ... ummm, could be pneumonia.

This hospital's been 124 years building this reputation. I'm not gonna ruin that by chatting with you.

Dr. Charlotte King

Gloria Walker: Stevie, close the door honey
Stevie Walker: I'll leave it open so next time dad passes out no one's gotta break a window to get in.

Private Practice Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Addison: What kind of surprise is this?
Cooper: One named Ginger.

Addison: What are you people doing in my house?
Cooper: I told you. It's a surprise. It's a surprise for Sam.
Addison: You know about this?
Pete: Sadly, I do.
Addison: If it's a surprise for Sam, then why aren't you at Sam's house?

Private Practice Season 1 Episode 3 Music

  Song Artist
Song Same Mistake James Blunt
Song Hope for the Hopeless A Fine Frenzy
Song Leave Me Alone Frank Popp Ensemble