When I get back, we're going to talk.

Pride [to Percy]

Dangerous? Is it snipers? It's snipers. I should have packed my camo.


You need to back off and let NCIS do our job. Watkins trusted me, and you need to trust me too.

Pride [to Halliday]

I am screwed, Agent Pride. The only one who knows the truth is lying dead in the jungle.

Halliday [to Pride]

I'm upset because Sonja is slipping away and you're not doing a thing to stop her.

Gregorio [to Pride]

Dwayne Pride is an adult, and so are you. Your decision about the job shouldn't have anything to do with Pride. It only has to do with you.

Loretta [to Percy]

Patton: I never condemn anyone for following their bliss, brah.
LaSalle: Yeah, but what if it's not?

Halliday: I wanted to say goodbye, but I don't have the words.
Pride: Maybe you don't need words.

Pride: What are you going to do?
Percy: Honestly, I have no idea.