You stood your ground when your father disappeared and your mother lost part of her reality. Don't give up now.

Pride's Mom

Rita: What is that place, Patton?
Patton: Walker's personal Alamo.

I got a call from Raymond Isler, which was disconcerting, considering he is dead.


Walker [to Pride]: There's nothing more important than family.
Jimmy [to Pride]: What are you going to do to preserve yours?

Well, I'm dead. What more can they do to me?

Isler [to Hannah]

Pride: And I'm just supposed to trust you.
Angel of Death: Trust your instincts, Dwayne.

Sebastian: When this is over, we've got to invest in a lock.
Patton: Yeah, if we still have jobs.

Do you have any idea where Dwayne might hide something important?

Isler [to Jimmy]

Did the plan work?

Isler [to Loretta]

I know you're scared and you have a right to be. Because this is going to hurt. A lot.

Walker [to Pride]

That's going to leave a mark.

Luka [to Lasalle]

Hannah: I know where Pride's heading and I'm going to help him.
Sebastian: Do you want to share with the class?

NCIS: New Orleans Quotes

Sebastian: I want you to know that if anything goes wrong, I appreciate you.
Gregorio: Same here babe.

Savannah: You know, when I let you cheat off my papers in high school, I had no idea what I was getting into.
LaSalle: You didn't even know I existed.
Savannah: What, cute guy with the big ears? I knew you were back there!