Darlene: You fucked us. Bent us over the sink and went to town.
Angela: You're not making any sense. We're on the same side.

This whole time, I thought you've been helping me. But you've been manipulating me!


Just ’cause we lit the fuse, doesn’t mean we control the explosion.


Help me figure this out. Do not leave me. Stay focused.


Darlene: Angela's been betraying you.
Elliot: So have you.

Is there something you want to tell me?

Elliot [to Angela]

Blend in. Look bored. Broken. Get a blank office stare on my face. This is how they do it, isn't it? How they're able to watch the world fall apart around them? Because to them, this is normal. It's all they know.


You're right. He sometimes can become a different person.


If you pull the right strings, a puppet will dance any way you desire.


If you're seeing me, that means you boys fucked up.


You might just be the perfect type of crazy to protect me... from me.

Mr. Robot [to Tyrell]

It's almost as if something has come alive.


Mr. Robot Quotes

Krista: What is it about society that disappoints you so much?
Elliot: Oh, I don't know. Is it that we collectively thought Steve Jobs was a great man, even when we knew he made billions off the backs of children? Or maybe it's that it feels like all our heroes are counterfeit. The world itself's just one big hoax.

Hello, friend. Hello, friend? That's lame. Maybe I should give you a name, but that's a slippery slope. You're only in my head. We have to remember that. Shit.