She had every opportunity to say what she needed to say and she didn't say it. I can only wonder why.


Premeditated murder for financial gain with a battered spouse.


Why didn't I go to a shelter? Why should I be the one to leave?

Mrs. Palmer

You think you can get her for murder for THIS?

Chief Taylor

She's an abused wife.


Flynn: One thing - as tough as it is to think about, if I don't make it out of surgery, I need you to do something for me.... I've been nervous to say it to her, but I really care about Sharon a lot, and if this is how it ends...
Provenza: So if you die, you want me to tell the Captain that you loved her.

If this is murder, then I'm invoking my rights.


Why should everyone have a crummy Thanksgiving because of me?


Tao: Maybe he's the strong silent type.
Provenza: Yeah, but does he speak softly and carry a big tire iron?

Pumpkin soup. Another thing I will never understand.


That was a free-range butcher. He managed to save a ham for me.


Beat up on Monday, murdered on Wednesday. Your victim was having a rough day.


Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

I think Mrs. Palmer is in shock. She has already signed the consent form giving us permission to search the house so I'm giving her a moment.


Well, it's a young man's game. Not a word.