Elizabeth: Politics ain't a bean bag game.
Henry: True. But it ain't supposed to be the Hunger Games either.

I will not attack Congress no matter how deplorable I find Canning and Hansen's tactics to be.


Mike: So Beijing seized on a political gray area to shoot at Russian efforts? That's not exactly shocking.
Thompson: True, but surveillance video shows Chinese military buildups on one island in particular: Han un Dou.
Russell: Even saying the name breaks the spell.
Elizabeth: So basically just another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

You are obsessed with destroying me and you're willing to pull the whole country down with you.


Since I came here, I lost my country, I lost my name. I lost everything but when I am with you, I feel like I'm home. I don't want to lose you again.


Russell: Can we discuss what you plan to offer first?
Elizabeth: We're trying to prevent a shooting war in the Middle East. Can we discuss how it plays in the press later?

They're surrounded by US troops. How do they think this ends?


One thing I appreciated about your predecessor is that he never engaged in innuendo. That's something wives do, not leaders.

Russian President

Yesterday turned an internship and a boyfriend into a bloodbath. We're not gonna throw another one of you to the lions.


Elizabeth: How is she doing?
Blake: You know in Wonder Woman when she fights off bullets with her bracelets? Like that.

This is just the latest partisan attempt by Congress to interfere with a duly elected President.


Ms. McCord, not only is your mother's reputation at stake here, but the fate of our country is. I'd ask you to shine a clear light on all that you know and sit before us as a citizen first.