Sometimes I think the whole job is just a distraction from worrying about the kids. Is that weird?


Oh, come on. What do the spirits want now? A pony?


Ranuga: It is not my president's mind that needs to be changed. It is the spirits who have spoken, and they are at one with the universe and starts.
Hurst: I agree that money is a transitory thing, of no use to the dead, but but can we perhaps consider the idea that their descendants might like some?

May I see the room with the dishes now? I'd like to take a selfie with Grace Coolidge's portrait.


Allison: I'm having roommate issues.
Henry: Lucinda? I thought you guys were tight.
Allison: We were. We are. Sometimes we're so tight, I can't breathe.

I don't trust anyone who sells out their talents to the highest bidder.


Blake: Like a psychic?
Jay: His name is Ranuga, and he prefers "metaphysical adviser."
Blake: I'm sure he does.
Jay: Let's just remember to be respectful, no matter what we personally believe.

Kids, in public service, and in life, it's not about who gets the credit.


Kat: What's going on here?
Jay [pouring drinks}: We're saying farewell to the Sri Lanka deal. Ten months of negotiations.
Matt: You just got here, so you don't feel our pain.
Kat: Yeah, but I can empathize like nobody's business. Hit me.

If you really want something in this world, you gotta, just, own it. Who cares what the spirits say?


Elizabeth: How's it going with our bilateral trade agreement with Indonesia?
Kat: Fewer over-invested grandma ghosts than Sri Lanka. We are almost closed.

Elizabeth: I don't know. Maybe I'm worrying too much.
Henry: It's better than not worrying enough.

Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

You are a moron, Jason.


Jay: The Secretary's comments at the Model UN conference?
Matt: "May you continue to be more functional than your real world counterpart." In progress.