Mike B: Going to see that family was reckless and stupid.
Elizabeth: You know, you asked me how I did it. I wasn't trying to do anything, just what I thought was right.
Mike B: I already said, stupid.

Elizabeth: You found hard evidence?
Mike B: Sometimes it's like you don't even realize you're insulting me.

Elizabeth: When did you start running voluntarily?
Mike B: Today. As you know, I've always maintained that exercise is stupid and painful, but clearly I know nothing because the Dawsons are dropping their lawsuit. So again, how did you do it?

Elizabeth: You know what I can't stand?
Mike B: Betrayal be an ally. The capriciousness of our legal system. People with pet ferrets.

Elizabeth: That Morejon. Every time I think that guy might be all right, he pulls some opportunistic, weaselly maneuver. It's like -- patriot, weasel, patriot, weasel.
Henry: No, I think it's more like -- weasel, weasel, briefly patriot, weasel, weasel, weasel, weasel.

Daisy [shows Elizabeth a video]: The cable shows are playing it on a loop.
Matt: With the oh-so-original title "Tackle-gate."
Elizabeth: You know, how about we just retire "blank-gate" as a construction altogether?

Daisy: Bad news, ma'am.
Elizabeth: We're trying to rise above labels now, and calling it all just "news."
Daisy: Yeah, have fun with that.

I'm also absolutely clear that violence should only be resorted to when every other option has been exhausted. I wouldn't wish how I came to that clarity on anyone. Even those who treat questions of war and peace as just another Washington gotcha game.


Henry: You remember how mind-numbing college bureaucracy can be. Not to mention the petty politics.
Elizabeth: Faculty senate made the Middle East look like child's play.

...Anyway, the moral of the story is you try to make peace in the Middle East, everybody gets mad at you.


Kat: Good news and bad news, ma'am.
Elizabeth: You know what, let's be Zen and call it all just "news."

Winfield: That was some memo you wrote.
Henry: ...Two years ago.
Winfield: Academia. Worse, government-funded academia.

Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Dalton: And how are the talks going?
Elizabeth: Slowly, sir. [Russell huffs in dissatisfaction] We are negotiating with a long time adversary, Russell, not microwaving soup, it takes time.

That guy has one of the most punchable faces of all time.

Allison [about Morejon]