Elizabeth [about Morejon]: You do know we hate each other?
Mike B: Yeah. It's classic D.C. jiu jitsu. He has to come, you look gracious, he feels awful, and you win. Trust me, it's perfect.

Stevie: I'm not gonna lie, it's, it's pretty stressful. Because -- here's the point of this meeting -- Mom is not helping.
Allison: Let me guess. She resents having the party, so she's doing that thing where she doesn't really engage and kind of makes you feel like a sellout for even being involved.
Stevie: Exactly.

Elizabeth: And you're okay with this?
Stevie: Yeah. Absolutely.
Mike B: My God, it's like a hostage video.

Elizabeth: And he thinks that, just because you're a woman, of course you'd *want* to plan a party.
Stevie: I think it's more that you just can't fire me.

Stevie: Russell thought that since money seemed to be an issue with Megan, maybe a volunteer family member might be more in your price range.
Mike B: Ouch.

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Sometimes she posts the route of her runs on social media. Why do people do that by the way? I mean...?


So, in the words of Aristotle, we have jack squat.


Look, I'm not into all that backslapping, join-the-club malarkey. Oh, and I don't want to be president.


Mike B: Didn't you go crazy or something?
Kat: Actually, I just moved to an avocado farm in California.
Mike B: That sounds like the same thing.

Elizabeth: She passed away last night, I head. Russell, I'm so sorry...you were friends.
Russell: Bunny? God no, I hated her.
Elizabeth: Oh. Everybody loved her parties...
Russell: They were just scared of getting left out. It was like drinking eggnog at Sadam Hussein's palace.

Russell: You got any plans this weekend?
Elizabeth: Um...I don't know, reading, mostly. Got to hit the grocery store. You know, probably put on my yoga pants but not actually go.

Why the hell did that family have to go to Cambodia instead of a Disney cruise like normal people?


Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Russell: Elizabeth. Did you bring a land mine to the office?
Elizabeth: :I was making a point.
Russell: Yeah, that's what most people who bring weapons to the workplace say.

Blake: Ma'am, Russell Jackson just asked to see you as soon as possible.
Elizabeth: He asked?
Blake: He even used the word please.
Elizabeth: I don't like the sound of that.