My first love was never Eve. It was you, Chloe. It always has been.

This whole investigation’s a complete waste of time. I mean… this isn’t even Los Angeles. And you… you’re not her.

Lucifer: So, what can you tell me about ol’ Dougie-Doug here?
Lee: Not much. Just that he seems like a really scary, powerful guy.
Lucifer: Obviously. He’s got a skinhead and neck tats.

You just seem like a really sad devil guy.


Lux is under new management, which means new rules. No one sells drugs in my place… without me getting a piece of the action.


I mean, at least you guys got to say goodbye. Me? Ghosted completely.


Demon: I’m a demon, and Lord Lucifer sent me to give you a message about the case.
Chloe: Lucifer. How is he?
Demon: He’s the King of Hell, so he’s great.

Chloe: Maze, is that blood?
Maze: Don’t worry about it.

Chloe: Maze, just because you happen to have slept with that one murder victim a few weeks ago doesn’t mean that you slept with them all.
Maze: How am I supposed to keep up?
Chloe: With the murder victims or the people you’ve slept with?
Maze: Either.
Ella: Wow. Maze is really settling into her role as your new Lucifer.

Drawn to the bad boys for some reason. But you know, for once I’m thinking I deserve a good guy, you know?


Dan: Listen, thank you so much for watching Trixie. It’s just for a little bit.
Trixie: And I’ve been dying to see the baby.
Linda: Yeah, no of course. You know, Charlie’s just so good with children.

When Trixie was born, I tried to be Super Cop, and round up all the criminals I could. Then I realized… removing all the danger in the world is like trying to bottle up the ocean.


Lucifer Quotes

Dan: Uh, he's a dude and he's straight.
Lucifer: That's never stopped me before, Daniel. I'm so good at flipping men, they call me "The Skillet."

Hello. My name is Lucifer Morningstar and I… love drugs. Love them! Mmm! Yummy, yummy, yummy. Can’t get enough. And… I’ve got lots of money… mmm, that I love spending on drugs. Not even picky. I’ll do any of them. Mix them together sometimes.