Why do you lick Kylie’s ass? Is it because she makes you a lot of money?


Does anyone want to hear the story of last year? How Kourtney copied my Christmas lights?


I will come for them if they even dare copy anything I’m doing.


From this experience, I’ve learned that it’s just not that simple.


Who wouldn’t want to swim in a pool of sprinkles? Like, cmon.


Let’s just make Kris Jenner so uncomfortable... it’s fun.


I don’t want to be naive anymore, and I just want to use my platform to get other people involved, and I really do want to learn and figure out what we can all do to fix this problem.


I called Kendall today and two minutes later I didn’t know why I called her.


Khloe: Mom, are you okay? Like, are you losing it?
Kris: Maybe?

My dad used to drive us down Skid Row when we were little to show us that the rest of the world doesn’t live how we lived in Beverly Hills.


Kim: Let her complain.
Kris: Won’t you get on our bandwagon and let her complain?

Kris: Just trying to keep up with all my emails.
Kim: You’re trying to keep up with the Kardashians?