Get the governor, before she gets you.

Nate [to Jorge]

Tegan: You need me in there, Annalise.
Annalise: I have to do it my way, win or lose.

Michaela: Is this how you got rich? By lying and cheating and stabbing people in the back?
Solomon: Not more than any other good ol' boy running the country.

You're Annalise damn Keating. You got this.


Bonnie: Are you sure?
Annalise: It's Hannah. No way in hell she lets the world see who she really is.

Annalise: We turn Hannah to our side.
Bonnie: This is too risky.
Annalise: It's my trial. I say what's too risky.

Michaela: Are you dirty? Because this deal is full of lies.
Lanford: Lies?
Michaela: You know exactly what I'm talking about. And yes I agreed to tell one lie.
Lanford: No one has ever asked you to lie.
Michaela: You're asking me to commit perjury times ten.
Lanford: Take more time to think.

Hannah and Sam were desperate for each love. So they found it in each other.

Vivian [to Annalise]

You want to be Frank, but you're not. You're just destroying yourself.

Bonnie [to Nate]

Bonnie: None of this makes what he did okay.
Annalise: I know. I know. But it makes me see him. And I don't know what to do with that.

Frank: When this is all over, I don't gotta be this guy anymore.
Bonnie: I just want you to be you.

Sam: You checking up on me?
Frank: Just wanted to thank Hannah.
Sam: In what world do I introduce my sister to the man that killed my son?

How to Get Away with Murder Quotes

I met a new guy. Mr. Darcy.


Emmett: We have nothing.
Annalise: We don't have nothing.
Emmett: We have the belt.
Annalise: Let's OJ this.