Carrie: There's a video. It was all over the Internet. You've never seen it?
Quinn: No. I didn't want to.
Carrie: Of course...
Quinn: But I do now.

EMT: I understand he's your business manager?
Quinn: No, he's my babysitter

It's about to get real now, not just campaign talk. You ready?


Quinn: How was your day?
Carrie: Well it started with someone throwing a coffee mug at me, went downhill from there. How was yours?

Max: You OK?
Quinn: I'm a fucking mutant. No, I'm not OK.

Carrie: It's not nice to snoop.
Franny: But who's down there?
Carrie: I told you. Peter Quinn.

Carrie: The FBI is saying it's material support for a foreign terrorist organization.
Sekou: It's what?
Reda: You're taking five thousand dollars in cash to the Islamic State in Nigeria, that's what they're claiming.

Carrie: You think I'm advising the next president of the United States?
Saul: I think her entire national security platform came right out of that head of yours.

You worry about the fate of the world, I've got more important things to do.


You weren't going to tell us, were you? That this big threat to national security is just another Muslim kid you entrapped?


Quinn: What did she say?
Max: That you're being kind of an asshole. Also, there's some pills you need to take.

She's a menace, Carrie is.


Homeland Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Carrie: Getting answers from people who'd rather not say, that's something I'm good at.
Reda: He's off limits... We have a court order. Tell me you heard me?
Carrie: Yeah, I heard you.

Rob Hemmis: She's not even president yet. Why not give her a chance?
Dar Adal: Presidents don't get chances; they get tested.