Stan: Do you know how hard it is to pretend you're someone you're not?
Ruby: Everyday.

Stan: Beth can't be apart of this.
Ruby: Okay.
Stan: I mean she makes everything about her.
Ruby: You're right.
Stan: No, I don't think you're hearing what I'm saying.
Ruby: I am.
Stan: She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants.
Ruby: I know.
Stan: And the rules don't ever apply.

Dean: Well, I can't risk it, okay?
Beth: You?
Dean: Yeah, me.
Beth: I'm taking all the risk.
Dean: Well, I have the most to lose.

Annie: So, what happens if you don't get it?
Ruby: That'd be bad.
Beth: How bad?
Ruby: Like gang friend level.

Rio: So, dinner was fun. Yeah?
Beth: Parts of it.

Beth: How many kids?
Phoebe: Two.
Beth: Names?
Phoebe: Tom and Sally.
Annie: Cuz it's 1958?

Dave: When do you meet the boss?
Beth: Oh, I'm still waiting on my EVite.

Ruby: What happens when his boss has a boss?
Annie: And that boss has a boss.
Ruby: We work harder and harder.
Annie: And get poorer and poorer.
Ruby: And still end up deader and deader.
Annie: And deader. Cuz there's three of us.

Annie: Can I ask you something?
Dr. Cohen: Okay.
Annie: Do you really want to be with me? Or do you just not want to be with her?

Dr. Cohen: I can't get married tomorrow.
Annie: You should go home.
Dr. Cohen: I don't want to.
Annie: Then go somewhere else.

You never really needed me.

Dr. Cohen [to Annie]

Dave: They're not your friends.
Phoebe: I just had to find my way in.
Dave: The only reason she's even talking to you is because we caught her.

Good Girls Quotes

Beth- Rio.
Annie- Okay.
Beth- His names Rio.
Ruby- Oh, is his name Rio?

You're like a Stepford mom without a pulse.

Annie [to Beth]