Casey: I wanted to let you know with respect to our conversation last shift, you don’t need to worry. The headaches, all that, they stopped.
Gallo: That’s great.
Casey: And I talked to Will Halstead over at Med, so it’s all good.
Brett: What’s all good?
Casey: I had a couple bad headaches last shift, but it’s all cleared up.
Brett: I’m glad you’re better.

Casey: A buddy of mine, a firefighter, he’s had some issues lately. Got a head injury a while back and started having some headaches and tunnel vision. Any advice?
Will: I’d recommend your friend see a neurologist immediately. You don’t mess with head injuries.

Hill: A video is circulating online that got sent to my office. Truck 81 hitting a pothole and coming right at a couple of kids.
Kidd: The pothole was filled with water. I didn’t see it, and after I hit, the rig started to…
Hill: I came here to shake hands with the man who got control of the rig and saved those kids lives, but it makes me very proud to know it was a woman and a woman of color at that.
Kidd: I cannot tell you how much that means coming from you. I mean you’re on my wall of inspiration, which did unfortunately fall down and shatter, but I am going to reframe them. Never mind about that. Thank you.

Brett: Violet, I know that you’re happy at 20, but 51 is a truly special place, and you are a truly special paramedic. There are so many reasons you should be here.
Violet: I’m in.
Brett: I don’t have to list reasons because I actually wrote down a whole bunch.
Violet: I only need one. Getting a chance to be your partner.
Brett: Really?
Violet: I was gonna suggest myself, but I felt it should come from you. I am really glad you ask. We make a great team.
Brett: We do.

Gallo: Remember how you called me out after the gas station fire?
Casey: Uh-huh.
Gallo: You were mad that by not reporting my situation, I robbed you of your accountability.
Casey: I said I remember.
Gallo: Well, it’s kinda a two-way street, isn’t it?
Casey: Meaning?
Gallo: How can your firefighters look out for their captain if he’s withholding information from them about his own situation? That’s it. I just wanted to say that.

Casey: You know why you’ve had all those different partners, right?
Brett: Because they leave.
Casey: Sylvie, they leave because you’ve lifted them up. You’ve been a great partner and an even better teacher. You cheered Foster on. Gave her the confidence to go back to med school. You taught Mackey so well, within six months, she was capable of moving to a leadership position. You make people better. Trust me. I know.
Brett: Thank you for saying that.
Casey: I say that as your captain and as your friend. Those are just the facts. And here’s another fact: You deserve to be with whoever you want to be with. No compromising. So go get the partner that you really want.

Casey: How many have you distributed since the changeover?
Marcy: A lot. We haven’t shipped any out of state yet, but we’ve been making deliveries across the Chicago area. About a 30-mile radius. But don’t worry. We’re halting production until we get to the bottom of this.
Severide: That’s not good enough. You’ve got to track down every box you sold to make sure not one even more gets used in a load of laundry.
Marcy: I’m sorry. That’s just not feasible. You’re talking about hundreds of laundromats, nursing homes, uniformed suppliers.
Severide: Here’s what we’re going to do. You take Squad 3 back to the firehouse and cover for me. I’ll stay here, and we are going to make a lot of phone calls ‘cause if we don’t, someone’s gonna end up dead.

Brett: Do you think I did something to them?
Kidd: Of course not. It’s Violet. I’m sorry to tell you this Violet, but your temporary partner is a jinx.
Brett: What?
Kidd: My shift started great. I made out with Kelly in the car before we headed into the firehouse, then came inside, had a nice cup of coffee, my pictures go up, everything’s hunky dory. Then that’s when Violet arrived.
Brett: Stella, we’ve worked with Violet before, and she’s an amazing paramedic.
Kidd: I will admit. Honestly, I really like her, but there are some people who create a certain kind of jinxy energy, and she’s one of them.

Gallo: You cannot let me to talk to her anymore. All I do is make an ass out of myself. If I open my mouth, just start talking right over me.
Ritter: That seems like it’ll make things even more awkward.
Gallo: But only for you.

Mouch: Young people, I come to you hat in hand. Which one of you would you say is the best TikTok person?
Gallo: That’d be me. Don’t say it’s you. You have less than 2,000 followers.
Violet: And how do you know that?
Ritter: Look, Mouch, it’s not rocket science. If you’re looking to gain more views, you just need to understand how the algorithm works. Why are you interested in this stuff?

Mouch: What am I going to do? My audition’s in two days. Pipes and Drums is my dream and my birthright as a second-generation Scottish-American.
Herrmann: Don’t you ever watch the Voice? Anybody can just walk in there and play a song, but if you really want to get the judges’ attention, you gotta have the best sob story.

Gallo: It was a little hairy back there when the dryer blew.
Casey: Yeah, sure was.
Gallo: Is, um, is everything OK with you?
Casey: Sure, why?
Gallo: There was a moment there in the fire where you looked like, I don’t know, maybe, you lost your bearings.
Casey: That explosion knocked my mask lose. Got some debris in my eye.
Gallo: OK, good. Just making sure you’re OK. Because then outside you seemed…
Casey: I seemed what?
Gallo: Almost like you were rattled.
Casey: What are you asking me, Gallo?
Gallo: Nothing, I…
Casey: When we finish clearing a fire, your job is to do overhaul, not standing around gawking at me and playing junior doctor. Next time those bells go off, I better see you doing your job.