Cruz: This isn’t from some bungie cord. I had a close call. I had an incident, and I didn’t want to worry you.
Chloe: Hey, we’re having a boy.
Cruz: We’re having a boy?
Chloe: Yeah.

Vanessa: Why are you being so nice to me? Is it out of pity or something else?
Ritter: I had a friend, my best friend, he just dropped out of my life one day, no explanation. At first I was annoyed, but then I got worried, so I went to his house and found out he and his mom had been evicted. Neighbor told me his mom bailed on him, and the last thing she heard was he was on the street alone.
Vanessa: That sucks.
Ritter: I was so mad that he hadn’t said anything, hadn’t let me try to help. it didn’t occur to him that with a couple bad breaks most of us could end up in that exact situation.
Vanessa: Is he OK now?
Ritter: Yeah, and he still volunteers at the youth center that got him off the street.
Vanessa: Yeah, well, I’ll be 60 by the time they pull my name off one of those waitlists.
Ritter: Well, he made some phone calls.
Vanessa: What? What do you mean?
Ritter: There’s a spot open for you to live there or here.

Casey: You can drop the act.
Alan: Not sure what you mean.
Severide: We know you’ve been complaining about the encampment for months. We know it was your phone calls to the ward office that got the cleanup crew here so fast.
Casey: We want you to know his name was James Benevidez, ‘Big Jim’ to those who knew him. He wasn’t just some faceless nobody in a tent. He had a sister, he had nephews, he had friends.
Alan: I don’t know what this is about. You’re obviously upset. I’m busy right now so…
Severide: No, you’re going to listen.
Casey: He helped people. First as a teacher, then a soldier. He survived Iraq, then he survived 10 years on the streets, but what he couldn’t survive was the fire you set.
Alan: Whoa, what I did?
Casey: We got you on camera buying the propane, and some of the camp residents place you at the scene on the morning of the fire. I just wanted to dissuade of the notion that somehow Jim’s life was worth less than yours. It wasn’t.

Severide: I think you should be straight with Chloe about what happened.
Cruz: Kelly Severide is dispensing relationship advice?
Severide: Yeah, well, a little while back I decided to keep the truth from Kidd. I thought I was protecting her, but I almost lost her. Like I said, just my two sense.

Kidd: You really gonna make me do this?
Brett: Do what?
Kidd: So, OK, you’ve had some bumps with the guys lately. Right, maybe had your heart stomped a little. Who hasn’t? But you are no wilting wallflower. Bozo-phobia aside, you are an ass-kicking member of the CFD, and my friend, it is time for you to put on your big girl gear and face the beast again.
Brett: You think? Just to clarify, the beast is men, or is it specifically Granger?
Kidd: Sylvie Brett, I just pep talked the hell out of you. No more waffling.

Gallo: Did you see what just happened?
Ritter: She went to get some water?
Gallo: She blew me off.
Ritter: It sounds like she’s just busy.
Gallo: No, Cruz is over us, so now she’s over us. Before I was forbidden fruit. Now I’m just regular fruit.
Ritter: Again, maybe, just maybe, she’s actually just busy.
Gallo: I need to make myself dangerous again.
Ritter: No, you should not do that.

Cruz: The last thing I need is for Chloe to come in here and see that. She thought I got this from a bungie cord.
Mouch: Why would she think that?
Cruz: She was so worried about marrying a firefighter, and now we’ve got a baby coming that I couldn’t let her know I almost got my head taken off.
Mouch: Bad call, Cruz. I tell Trudy everything ever since I tried to learn about losing $300 in a poker tourney. She broke me like I was made of glass.
Cruz: Trudy’s a professional interrogator. Chloe’s a sweet innocent civilian.

Gallo: We’re free.
Mackey: What?
Gallo: He’s over us. His attention’s on Chloe and the baby. He doesn’t have time to worry about our situationship.
Mackey: You think?

Granger: I’m trying to impress a certain paramedic.
Brett: That’s so nice, but lately my track record with men has been pretty abysmal.
Granger: That can’t be true.
Brett: Oh, it’s true. I’ve decided I’m cursed on that front, which probably makes me sound crazy.
Granger: No, I don’t think you’re crazy. I don’t think you’ve found the right guy yet.
Brett: Maybe, but for now, I need to play it safe and stay aggressively single.

Chloe: Joe, what happened?
Cruz: Uh, Capp, he was securing a bungie cord, and uh, I guess he got like ranch dressing on his fingers because they just slipped out of his hands and whap.
Chloe: Oh, my love.
Cruz: I paid the price. It’s fine. It’s no big deal.
Chloe: That’s a relief.

Casey: Hey, what are you doing?
City worker: My job.
Severide: This was the scene of a suspicious fire. There’s got to be an investigation.
City worker: Doesn’t sound like it falls under the purview of Streets and Sanitation, fellows.
Casey: We’re firefighters, and we’re telling you to stop.
City worker: I don’t care if you’re the commissioner or the pope. My orders this morning were to clear this mess up.

Kidd: That boy has got it bad.
Brett: What?
Kidd: Oh come on, a lieutenant picking up masks? Nuh-uh, he was here to see you.
Brett: You think so?

Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 7 Quotes

Kidd: That boy has got it bad.
Brett: What?
Kidd: Oh come on, a lieutenant picking up masks? Nuh-uh, he was here to see you.
Brett: You think so?

Severide: We should get away. Just us.
Kidd: You got somewhere in mind that doesn’t involve airports or crowds?
Severide: How about the cabin?
Kidd: So icy roads, snow-covered driveway, subzero temperatures, and the two of us? Sounds hot.
Severide: That’s exactly what I was thinking.