Headquarters called. Exam results are in. So I’m gonna need a round for the house, lieutenant.


Casey: You two have that connection we saw with Pete and his wife, the thing people look for their whole lives. My advice, you’re overthinking this marriage thing. You don’t need to talk it over with Stella. You just need to propose. You think I’m wrong?
Severide: No, you’re probably dead on, but you’re telling me to stop second guessing everything and take action.
Casey: In so many words.
Severide: Then I’d say maybe you should take your own advice.

Kidd: I just got to keep busy. Working the bar’s good for that. Um, you know I’m gonna need some major distraction when I get home, right?
Severide: I think I can provide.
Kidd: You are so selfless.

Gallo: Oh my god, that was the most stress we’ve had on this job, and I’m including the gas station call from a few months ago.
Ritter: Mouch had a running commentary on every sale I made, most of which was abject disappointment.
Gallo: Well, I’m glad to turn it over to him for a couple of hours.
Ritter: Yeah.

Severide: Are you ever going to tell her?
Casey: Tell her what?
Severide: You know what.
Casey: It’s not that simple. She’s the one that called things off, said Dawson was always going to be between us.
Severide: Think she’s right?

Brett: Maybe you need a distraction from all this baby shower planning.
Cruz: Ooh, anything.
Brett: Well, my apartment is getting fumigated in a couple of days, and they’re putting me up in a hotel, which is amazing, but they don’t allow pets. Veronicat’s been getting better. She really has.
Cruz: You know I would, definitely, but Chloe is super allergic to cats.
Brett: Oh, so is Stella. I never realized how many people had bad cat allergies.
Kidd: It is very, very common.

Capp: Fifteen bucks?
Gallo: That’s a fair price.
Capp: It’s off by orders of magnitude.
Ritter: OK, well, what’s a fair price then, Capp?
Capp: Twenty-five dollars.

Severide: To be honest, it’s not the test that’s on my mind. It’s what comes next. I wanted to let her focus on making lieutenant so I’ve been holding off, but I want to talk to her about getting married.
Casey: You’re gonna propose?
Severide: Not exactly. She always used to say she’d never get married again, so I just want to put it out there as an idea. See where she’s at.
Casey: Huh?
Severide: What’s that mean?
Casey: No, nothing. I’m real happy for you. It’s exciting news.
Severide: Yeah, thanks.

Severide: The guy wanted me to leave him in the fire and go get his wife.
Casey: Seriously?
Severide: Yeah, he practically kicked me away.
Casey: Wow, that’s devotion.

Casey: I would think with all the help you gave me, you’d know you could come to me with whatever’s bothering you.
Brett: Um, when you were going through the testing, I told Greg I had a friend I was supporting, and I used that word ‘friend.’ I mean, I’m not gonna blurt out your medical information to anyone, right. Anyway, the last time you called, when the results were in from the MRI, my phone lit up, and I said that my friend was getting his results. I had to go.
Casey: He saw my name on your screen?
Brett: He took it that I was keeping it from him intentionally.
Casey: There wasn’t anything nefarious about it.
Brett: I know, but that’s not how he sees it. anyway, he pretty much called things off, and I didn’t want to tell you because you’ve been so happy.
Casey: Sylvie, I want you to know…

Cruz: What are we doing in here?
Violet: Brett told me where to find them.
Cruz: Find what?
Violet: Not what. Who. Oh, what name did you pick out for your son?
Cruz: Why?
Violet: So we can… you know.
Cruz: No.
Violet: Fine, you pick out baby no name, and I’ll take what’s left.

Aaliyah: I should have stayed in your class.
Kidd: No.
Aaliyah: I didn’t think I was good enough.
Kidd: There isn't a girl in that class who isn't good enough, all right. That’s what I was trying to tell you when you first came.
Aaliyah: I should have listened. No one ever told me that before. Maybe, I couldn’t hear it from you.
Kidd: Well, that’s on me, OK. Not on you because I had never done that before, taught a bunch of girls. I didn’t have anyone in my life like that, not at that age. No one to tell me what my worth was, so, um, I didn’t know how to do it.
Aaliyah: No, no, you were strong. I think about how strong you were all the time.

Chicago Fire Quotes

Chief Boden once told me, "a hero's not somebody who's unafraid, it's the guy who's scared to death and does what's right anyway."


You think I cant look after my daughter?