If you're afraid of them, then they've already won. That's how daddy controls us, that's how they all keep us from even thinking about standing up four ourselves. You have nothing to be afraid of. Don't you want to be free of the men? Just gonna be you and me when this is all over.

Cheyenne [to Margaret]

Scarlet: It was the biggest mistake of my life. But I fixed it.
Ronald: How did you fix it?
Scarlet: I stuck a screwdriver into his skull. I'm sorry. That's what I did.

I know who you are. What you've done. And I love you just the same.

Scarlet [to Ronald]

Jenny: Your father will kill you, Cheyenne.
Cheyenne: No, he won't. I'm all he has left.

Horst: Take your shoes off, please. You kids track all kinds of manure and dirt in here.
Jenny: Seems like there's already all sorts of nasty stuff in this house.

No matter what happens today, that pain you're feeling. It doesn't ever go away.

Mark [to Jerrie]

Like I said it's my land, and I can do whatever the hell I want to do with it. And I am doing the county a favor.

Horst [to Gil]

Margaret: They're gonna kill you, too.
Cheyenne: Not if I kill them first.

Horst: I am putting my boy in the ground tomorrow. You need to give me some time to figure this out.
Sheriff Wagy: Ain't nothing to figure out, Horst. This is where I get off. I can't protect ya.

Cassie: Exactly what happened?
Jenny: The Kleinsasser's happened. They keep happening.

Margaret: You want my truth?
Horst: I'm dying to hear it.
Margaret: I will kill you.
Horst: I expect nothing less.

Mark: We'll get him.
Cassie: Yeah. Is this another one of your manifestations?
Mark: No. He'll slip up.
Cassie: Please stop saying that. Slipping up means somebody else dies.

Big Sky Quotes

Broken roads are like broken people sometimes. They just want to be loved. Easy peasy.

Trooper Rick

Jenny: Is that the lyric of the day? It's all over now.
Cassie: What's going on?
Jenny: You tell me, Cass. Are you sleeping with my husband?