I took a risk and bet on you. You willing to take a risk and bet on me?

Spencer [to Billy]

Spencer: You're the reason I'm the player I am.
Billy: You are. Don't you forget that.

Seems to me you could use a major dose of home right now. Care for a ride?

Layla [to Spencer]

There's nothing scarier than a rich, white woman planning a 3-year-old's birthday party.

You deserve to be celebrated.

Grace [to Spencer]

Have an amazing summer, Jordan Baker.

Simone [to Jordan]

Go live your life, Coop. It's your turn to shine.

Preach [to Coop]

Billy: My moving out is what's best for the family. Right, Laura?
Laura: Yeah, right.

J.P.: Normal's good?
Layla: Normal's great.

Better hurry and start a label because your new client is a diva.

Coop [to Layla]

I'm sorry, Coach. But trust is supposed to work both ways.

Spencer [to Billy]

Maybe it's better for everybody if I go back to pretending everything's fine.

Layla [to Olivia]

All American Season 2 Quotes

And you'd better be able to walk because ain't no one dragging your ass to the car.

Grace [to Billy]

Spencer: What's next? You done with that gang stuff, right?
Coop: They're still my boys. I ain't gonna stop hanging with them.