Carter: You were right.
Grace: I'm always right.

Jordan: Listen, Spence. I don't need everyone tiptoeing around me.
Spencer: We don't know what you need. You aren't saying anything.

It's people like you and Kia who give me hope for the next generation.

Mo [to Olivia]

Can you make some noise the next time you approach?

Coop [to Preach]

Fixating on other people's problems to avoid your issues, that can be an addiction too.

Nurse Joy [to Olivia]

Layla [to J.P.]: You really think that compartmentalizing makes it OK? Newsflash: It isn't.

Olivia, if you can't talk responsibility for your own relapse, you're wasting your time.

Joy [to Olivia]

I've got something special planned for halftime so everyone is going to remember Corey James. And if you do what I think you're capable of, everyone is going to remember you too.

Billy [to Spencer]

Someday we'll get this bad timing thing worked out.

Vanessa [to Asher]

Spencer: Where's the ladies?
Jordan: You mean where's Olivia?

Spencer: Say what you need.
Olivia: I want to go home.

You have to get a handle on your demons, Olivia before you end up where I am.

Leslie [to Olivia]

All American Quotes

Spencer: What the hell are you doing?
Jordan: I'm picking you up.
Spencer: In your red car, in your red hat? You're like a Bloods poster board man, you're gonna get your head blown off! [laughs] I'm just playing. I'm just playing.

Billy: Take it from me, my experience. Every player out there is just one injury away from needing a backup plan.
Spencer: I appreciate the offer Coach, but I don't need a backup. This is where I belong.