You're far from human. I read that book. There are things far beyond this universe, and you may be one of them.

Ivanov [to Aida]

You assume each and every one of them is a damn C-3PO unless told so by me.


Why don't we chop off her head, like last time? Need a volunteer?

Yo-Yo [on Aida]

Did something weird happen with my robot self? Did I make a move on you? Did I try to...kill you?

May [to Coulson]

I got here unscathed. Jeffrey didn't. He should be here, still in the fight. I've got to take one for the team.

May [to Coulson]

I'm sorry. I was just programmed to make you happy. To make all of you happy.

Aida [to Fitz]

They call him the Russian. Because, you know, he's Russian.

Coulson [to May, on Ivanov]

He woke from the worst nightmare of all, one in which he was the monster.

Simmons [on Fitz]

I had no idea. I had only emulated human reactions, but to actually feel?


Has the little puppet finally made herself into a real girl?

Ivanov [on Aida]