She's the exact opposite of okay! She's dead, because she got shot seven times, and nobody could survive that, not even in a parallel universe.


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Archer Season 8 Episode 8: "Archer Dreamland: Auflosung"
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Archer Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

Poovey: Why're you throwing ME under the bus?
Trexler: I'm going to BUY a bus, then literally throw you under it, and then drive it back and forth on your face.

Archer: Anybody got a joke about socks?
Everyone: [silence, gagged with socks]
Archer: Oh, okay, I got one. Uh, "Sock, sock?"
Everyone: [silence]
Archer: Then you say, "Who's there."
Everyone: [silence]
Archer: [chuckles] Okay then I guess just pout!