Elizabeth: Sixteen is too young. He's not ready. We need to have the talk.
Henry: We already did. We already talked to him.
Elizabeth: No, that was the kids version. We need to get the NC-17 version, with the warnings and the fear.

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Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 7: "North to the Future"
Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Matt: Isn't she that crazy consultant lady who threw a chair and had some hysterical breakdown?
Elizabeth: You know, it's funny, isn't it? When...when a man reaches a certain breaking point and throws something, he's passionate, but when a woman reaches the same breaking point, she's hysterical and can't stand the pressure.

Elizabeth: Well, I think I found my exit plan.
Stevie: Yeah, you should totally write a memoir.
Elizabeth: No. Retiring on a farm. Raising animals, growing our own food.
Stevie: Mom, you do realize we already lived on a farm, right?