Cassie: We destroyed the virus, but nothing happened.
Jones: No Dr. Railly, something did happen. You changed history.

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12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 2: "Primary"
12 Monkeys
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12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Cole: Why didn't stopping you change things?
Jennifer: It did, it's just not the way you think.

Cassie: The first reported cases of the plague happened here in New York. Tomorrow, a trip around the world. Eleven more cities. The rest of the virus is still on her plane and we will destroy all of it after she's dead.
Cole: Wait! Jennifer, I know you don't want to do this.
Jennifer: But I'm supposed to. It's my purpose.
Cole: Jennifer I need you to trust me, a little bit. Okay.