Jenny: Are you gonna sing the whole way?
Det. McAvoy: Are you gonna cry? (singing) Now I'm a gonna try, to put fun in your life. (speaking) Investigating deaths isn't for everyone. You're part of a fundamental truth of the human experience. Aside from that, it can be gloomy and lonely.
Jenny: Kind of condescending when men give women advice.
Det. McAvoy: It's not coming from that place. You sem a little obsessive and a little lonely and that could take you to a dark place. There's no shame in saying "this isn't for me."
Jenny: It is for me.
Det. McAvoy: How do you know?
Jenny: I just know!

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Coroner Season 1 Episode 1: "Black Dog"
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Coroner Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Jenny: Go change the baby.
Taylor: You know I'm a detective, right?
Jenny: That's how I know you can find the diapers.

Dr. Peterson: She convulsed when she hanged
Jenny: She was actually suspended and her shoes were on when I found her so, I don't think so.
Dr. Peterson: You don't think so?
Jenny: I had an instinct.
Dr. Peterson: How can you have instincts when you don't know anything?
Jenny: I'm s- I'm sorry, what?
Dr. Peterson: They're called guesses. What you're doing is guessing. I've been a pathologist for 20 years and before this, you were what, a GP?
Jenny: I was an ER doctor.
Dr. Peterson: I stay competent year after year and the coroners just get younger and more, but how bout this, I will write up my findings and then you can sign off on them, okay?