Will: I know a brain tumor can be scary, but yours is treatable.
Liam: Surgery.
Charles: It'll correct your peripheral vision as well.
Liam: But I'd lose my wife.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 11: "Letting Go Only To Come Together"
Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes, Chicago Med Quotes
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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Daniel: Uh-oh.
Sharon: Michael and me, it's been a little rocky the last few weeks.
Daniel: Parenthood. It's a life sentence, right?

Nat's Mother: So, Crockett, Natalie tells me that your parents immigrated from Iran. Does that mean your family is Muslim?
Marcel: No, actually, we're Zoroastrian.
Nat's Mother: Zoroastrian? I'm sorry. I've never...
Marcel: Yeah. Dates back to ancient Persia. Three main pillars: Good thoughts, good words, good deeds. Not always so easy.