Castillo: Now what's your stake?
Ardelia: I lost a promotion to a clueless, feckless hack of a white man.
Castillo: The hell you say.

If you ever have kids, how long are you going to let them be kids before you tell them the truth about this country?

Ardelia [to Haynes]

There comes a point when staying silent costs more than telling the truth.

Clarke [to Clarice]

You two, map the case. Everything we've learned since we waded into the river. Walk the path. See what we missed the first time.

Krendler [to Clarice and Esquivel]

Esquivel: Really? Leaning on his immigration status?
Clarke: Hey, working a C.I. is an art. They don't teach it at Quantico. It's all in finding their thumbscrews.

Jamie: I didn't know for sure which was your love language so I thought I'd try all five.
Eddie: Maybe you were right. Maybe we should just start with English.
Jamie: In that case, I'm sorry. I don't want to be the husband who belittles his wife when all she wants to do is make us better or have more fun.

Erin: It's not my job to help you.
Danny: That's what's wrong with the criminal justice system.

Garrett: I'm in the process of letting go.
Sid: You're going to be let go from your job if you don't get it together.

Garrett: It is my job to do what I think is best for this department.
Frank: Whether I like it or not? Your job is to give me an opinion, that's it.
Garrett: Then it is my considered opinion that you need to let your ego sit this one out.
Frank: Right back at you.

It was yesterday's news. The second I walk it back, it becomes tomorrow's news.


Baez: Apparently he was running for city council as a progressive. According to his website, 'I will fight for the rights of all New Yorkers, including the poor and underserved and diverse communities'.
Danny: More like give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free, only not in my neighborhood.

Eddie: It's called marriage, Jamie. We do things for each other.
Jamie: Great. The thing I want to do is not do that. So by your logic, we should not do this thing.